rainy day activities

If you live in the Midwest, you know that the weather is unpredictable. You can pass from sunny and 90 degrees to stormy and 60 degrees in just a few minutes. So how can you be productive in bad weather when sunbathing near the pool like you wanted is impossible? 

1. Deep clean the house

We all do the weekly cleaning, but admit it: Most of the time, it's superficial. Vacuuming your room, cleaning the stove, making sure that the bathroom is presentable in case guests come are all things we need to do to keep up appearances. But what about a good old floor-scrubbing? Or cleaning the dishwasher? A rainy day is a good day to clean your house as deeply as you always imagined.

2. Go through your wardrobe

When was the last time that you went through your wardrobe? Admit it! You still have clothes from 10 years ago that you forgot they even exist. They were at the bottom of your shelf covered by the new clothes you bought during your last trip to the mall. If you like fashion, I know it's hard to get rid of clothes and shoes. But think this way: You'll get more space for new clothes and shoes. You can donate the clothes to charity, such as at Goodwill on 1405 Grindstone Parkway, or you can try and sell them at second-hand stores, such as Plato's Closet on 2609 E. Broadway.

3. Read

Even if reading is not your thing, I know you must have a novel, a comic or even an instruction manual you need to read. It's a good time to catch up on all of your readings, both for pleasure or for work. If you're 21, you can grab your reading material, a glass of wine and read on the couch while you listen to the rain. And if you aren't 21, relax: You can grab some juice, or — if you are brave enough, hot chocolate in the summer — and get on the couch to read. What's more relaxing than that?

4. Cook

When was the last time you had a decent homemade meal? Because of work and other time constraints, you probably gave up a nice homemade dinner for grabbing something on the way home or ordering take out. After a day at work or school, who wants to cook? Well, if you are free and the weather disrupted your plans, it is the right time to try that family recipe passed down from generation to generation or bake a non-store-made apple pie. Trust me, this will make your day, if not week.

5. Catch up on your favorite series

Is that productive? Of course! People might think that watching TV is a waste of time, but it actually can be relaxing and even instructive — ever heard of the National Geographic channel? After working or studying for a long period of time, it is good to take a break to relax your brain. Moreover, if you have the day off, you can catch up by binge-watching your favorite series. After this break, you'll be more productive!

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